Published 2023-12-27T14:55:00.0000000Z in Movies and TV
Automan is one of those series from the golden period (1 season 83-84) with a scifi-theme seemingly tailored for me. Guilty pleasure almost.
Re-watched the first season of Chocky and it was still quite good. Remake please.
The first two seasons of Sliders are worth watching. Ignore the rest. If you are a fan of episodic sci-fi and don't mind a bit dated 90s special effects you should really give this gem a try!
The very enjoyable TV-adaptation of the movie series (6 seasons 92-98)
The V mini-series (2 episodes 1983) may look low budget but is still quite enjoyable if you can overlook the outdated special effects. The acting and plot is way better than any modern adaptation of the same material.