Published 2023-12-27T15:46:00.0000000Z in Gaming
I have played tons of point n click-games during my childhood, mainly on Amiga 500 but later PC and nowadays pretty much only occasionally on iPad. One early memory is the Myst game, which was one of the first CD-games released back in 1993. I only borrowed it from a friend so initially I never played it to completion, but later bought the second game, Riven, and was hooked. Now in hindsight I regard Riven as the pinnacle of the series with breath taking raytraced graphics (still good but low-res) and deeply mood setting audio and music. I also enjoyed the third title Exile quite a lot even though it was not made by Cyan themselves. But after that it never really ticked any boxes for me anymore unfortunately. However please do play Riven and Exile at least. The first Myst is nowadays perhaps best experienced in VR, as the original is pretty much only for the nostalgic kick.