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Old school PC games
Published 2024-06-10T18:04:00.0000000Z in Gaming
A few of the PC games I enjoyed to most back in the days.
Blackwell series (5 games 2006-2014)
Published 2023-12-27T17:09:00.0000000Z in Gaming
As mentioned before I have played lots and lots of point-n-click games in my childhood, but still do occasionally on my iPad. This series stands out as one of the better (or perhaps the best) point-n-click style adventure game I have experienced lately, with very good narrative writing, voice acting that begins somewhat shaky but evolves and get way better later on. It's an interesting development to follow as all aspects of game crafting very clearly evolves over the series. The creator has also added personal comments you can activate to hear his own thoughts about the process. I recommend you play this series from the beginning, and don't rush it as you likely wish there was more when it ends.
Published 2023-12-27T15:46:00.0000000Z in Gaming
I have played tons of point n click-games during my childhood, mainly on Amiga 500 but later PC and nowadays pretty much only occasionally on iPad. One early memory is the Myst game, which was one of the first CD-games released back in 1993. I only borrowed it from a friend so initially I never played it to completion, but later bought the second game, Riven, and was hooked. Now in hindsight I regard Riven as the pinnacle of the series with breath taking raytraced graphics (still good but low-res) and deeply mood setting audio and music. I also enjoyed the third title Exile quite a lot even though it was not made by Cyan themselves. But after that it never really ticked any boxes for me anymore unfortunately. However please do play Riven and Exile at least. The first Myst is nowadays perhaps best experienced in VR, as the original is pretty much only for the nostalgic kick.
The Labyrinth of Time (1993)
Published 1993-01-01T12:00:00.0000000Z in Gaming
I played this on my CD32 way back in the olden days, and have just recently replayed it on iOS. I very much like the concept of different interconnected worlds spanning over different locations in both space and time! If I had the time to make a game of my own it would probably be something in this vein, perhaps in VR and using AI-generated graphics, with stereographic HDRI. That would be awesome.