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asp-net csharp ai
📌︎Published 2024-05-08T10:32:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
My latest project is a B2B-service built on the Aether platform to automate email support using OpenAI's API. It is very customizable with style, tone and a knowledge-base for each customers specific business.
csharp docker asp-net
📌︎Published 2023-12-19T10:41:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
A web-app platform I have been working on for a couple of years, inspired by Domain Driven Design and Event Sourcing. With it I can rapidly design and deploy full stack applications in a decentralized cloud-like environment with lots of useful services such as a blob store, message bus, automatic backup, integrated AI-agents etc.
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Published 2022-02-24T11:36:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
MixedApp is the name of my software publisher. Link below. I do a little of everything, games, apps, web sites, general hacks etc, hence the name.
unity csharp
Write Japanese
Published 2022-02-20T15:01:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
I wrote this app a couple of years ago to practice Japanese which I was studying at the time. It was initially made with Silverlight, but later ported to Unity and deployed to iOS, Android and Windows Phone and sold on respective market-place. It is currently only available for Android. A demo (WebAssembly) can be found on the link below. I also made versions for English, Swedish, Devanagari (Hindi) and Tengwar (Tolkien) but they are not on any store at the moment.
csharp wpf
Published 2018-02-12T11:29:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
This is where I have spent the wast majority of my professional career up to this point. I have been working in many different teams with everything from low level database optimizations to interactive GUI components and whole separate applications such as a database management tool. I have also been assisting other teams, such as tooling for UI-testing and other in-house utilities. I wish I would have saved more screenshots and videos of everything I did back then but unfortunately this video is all that have survived.
csharp wpf
Published 2018-02-11T11:29:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
ISD was a software developer based in Täby who specialized in military training simulators, mainly air combat. I introduced them to WPF and was working on assorted prototypes for interactive map terminals, flight instrumentation, mission planning and communication.
Published 2008-01-08T16:58:00.0000000Z in Portfolio
Grin was a game developer based in Stockholm where I was involved with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 for PC as 3D artist and also as tools developer. I was mainly modeling props and landscapes but the only surviving screenshot is one from the "Calavera" multiplayer map I made. I also made terrain maps for assorted missions such as "Get me Rosen". Later I switched to programming and was for instance building a web-based performance test-central and other in-house utilities.
Prior work (early 2000)
Published 2000-01-01T11:00:00.0000000Z in Portfolio